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Dyte's UI Kit is a prebuilt design library of UI components that makes it easy to integrate video and voice calls into any app or website within minutes.

It is built on top of web components. To learn more about them, see Web Components Overview.


The UI Kit is a design library of prebuilt UI components built on top of the Core SDKs. Core SDK handles all the low-level media and network handling parts of a meeting and exposes APIs that the UI Kit uses.

The library uses a layered design structure, allowing you to start with the prebuilt component and slowly go down layers and add custom UI incrementally as your needs evolve.

  • Use prebuilt component: You can use prebuilt dyte-meeting component to start a meeting quickly. With the prebuilt component, you don't have to handle any states, dialogs, and other aspects of managing the application. The UI kit also respect your permission configuration from the preset.

  • Mix and match: Use some components from our component library, build some custom components yourself. Read the basics of our component design and checkout the gallery of available components