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Plugin-SDK is currently in beta phase. To use this SDK, please contact

The modern world revolves around real-time collaboration. It's how the world communicates in order to engage and perform various tasks. The rise of this approach, however, demands a seamless experience within a meeting application for staying in touch, sharing files, visualizing data, playing games, and so on.

Dyte Plugins allow you to have the most immersive, collaborative, and human interaction in your video and voice calls without leaving the meeting. Experience out-of-the-box plugin support for a variety of apps, including YouTube, Remote Browser, Chess, and others or build your own using our Plugin SDK.

Plugin SDK

Dyte's Plugin SDK allows you to create your own real-time applications that work seamlessly with Dyte meetings. It comes with many interesting APIs and features to help you solve complex problems in minuites.

Plugin SDK


  • Develop real-time applications with ease
  • Built-in real-time database
  • Compatible with all JavaScript libraries and frameworks

Next Step

Let's see how you can use the Plugin SDK to create your own plugins for Dyte meetings.