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Publish your Plugin

Once you've created a plugin, The next step would be publishing it. You can publish multiple versions of your plugin.


You can choose to show/hide certain plugins for a user or meeting using the developer portal presets.

Steps to publish

  1. If you're using a JavaScript library or framework, you'll need to create a build first. If not you can skip this step.
npm run build
  1. Copy dyte-config.json into the folder which contains index.html. If you're using a Javascript library or framework, this would be your build folder.

  2. Move to the build folder and run the publish command.

cd ./build
dyte plugins publish
  1. you can use the -l flag if you wish to only publish the plugin and not deploy it.
dyte plugins publish -l

Read more about how you can manage plugins with Dyte CLI here.

Next Step

Now that your plugin is published and ready to be used, let's understand how you can manage it.