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Create a Plugin

  • Ensure that Dyte CLI is installed on your machine. Run the command dyte help to verify. For more information on how to install Dyte CLI, see Setup Dyte CLI.

  • Create an account on the Dyte Developer Portal if you haven't already.

Steps to create your plugin

  • You can use Dyte CLI to create your plugin.

    cd <your-project-directory>
    dyte plugins create

    This command asks you a bunch of questions and then generates a dyte-config.json for you. You can use this JSON file to configure your plugin properties. This file must always stay in the root of your folder.

  • Use this command to verify if your plugin was created

    dyte plugins ls

Next Step

Learn how you can use dyte-config.json to customize your plugin's name, description, logo, build config and more.