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Configure Plugin Properties

Dyte allows you to customize various parameters of the Plugins. Using dyte-config.json, you can customize the Plugins such as the name, description, icon, tags, and so on. When you create a plugin with the Dyte CLI, dyte-config.json is automatically generated for you.


It is important to generate dyte-config.json using the Dyte CLI. Each config files comes with a unique plugin ID generated by Dyte. This ID cannot be modified.

Properties of dyte-config

Here is a list of all properties the config object can have:

nameName of the plugin.stringtrue
versionVersion of the plugin.stringtrue
descriptionA brief about your plugin, this shows in the plugins tab of the meeting.stringtrue
PluginIdA unique identifier generated by Dyte. Can't be modified.stringtrue
pictureURL for plugin icon.stringtrue
urlURL where the plugin would be deployed. Auto Generated.stringfalse
filesAn object which store lists of files/paths to be included and excluded.Objecttrue
tagsList of relevant keywords or topics.string[]true
authorName of the creator.stringfalse
repositoryURL for the Github/Gitlab repository.stringfalse

This is what a basic config object looks like:

"name": "my-plugin",
"version": "0.0.X",
"description": "Add a short description for your plugin here",
"pluginId": "79936149-758e-4d8d-8366-23deaxxxxxxx",
"picture": "",
"url": "",
"files": {
"include": [
"exclude": [
"tags": ["#plugin"],
"author": "",
"repository": "",

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