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Manage your Plugin

Version specific deployments

Dyte lets you publish multiple versions of your plugins. You can choose to deploy a specific version.

List all available versions of your plugin

dyte plugins version list

You can now select the version you wish to deploy.

dyte plugins version change-latest -v <version>


Unpublishing a plugin removes all versions of it from our database and your meetings.

dyte plugins unpublish

If you wish to delete a specific version of the plugin you can do that with

dyte plugins version delete -v <version>

Plugin configuration

You can update your dyte-config to update properties like name, description, build path and more. These changes will reflect once you publish or deploy the plugin.

Access control and visibility

Each Dyte user is associated to a preset. This preset dictates the meeting experience for that user. You can customize how this preset can interact with a plugin using the Preset Editor.

In your preset editor you can select the plugins you want a preset to have access to.

Manage Plugin Interactions

We let you manage how your users interacts with a plugin. This setting can be configured differently for each plugin.

** Control **** Description **
View OnlyThe user can only view the plugin.
Full AccessThe user can interact with the plugin and has control over it.

Manage Access Control.

You can specify who has access to launch/close plugins.

** Control **** Description **
LaunchPreset can launch plugins
ClosePreset can close plugins
ControlPreset can give others the access to launch/close plugins temporarily

Next Step

Understand how you can use the modules and offerings provided by the Plugin SDK to build your plugin.