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Set Up Development Environment

Dyte's devTools module provides a live playground like experience to help you build your plugin locally.

For this you would need to have a dyte meeting setup first. Dyte meetings can be created using the client SDKs.

The code snippet below shows how you can enable devTools for your dyte


Please ensure your plugin is published in order to use this.


before you start

Install @dytesdk/react-web-core@1.x.x or higher to use dev tools.

import { useDyteClient } from '@dytesdk/react-web-core';
import { DyteMeeting } from '@dytesdk/react-ui-kit';

export default function App() {
const [meeting, initMeeting] = useDyteClient();

useEffect(() => {
roomName: '<room-name>',
authToken: '<auth-token>',
modules: {
plugin: [
name: 'My Awesome Plugin',
port: '5000',
id: '<your-plugin-id>',
}, []);

return <DyteMeeting mode="fill" meeting={meeting} />;

Once your meeting is setup, run your plugin application on the port specified by you. In this case localhost:5000.

Next Step

Now that you've started building your awesome plugin, let's see how you can publish and manage it.