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A view which show individual (plugin/screen share) view. On top of this view we are showing instance of DyteActiveTabSelectorView. In case of Mutliple(Count more than 1) plugins or Screen share, We are showing DyteActiveTabSelectorView else it will be hidden.

Below is the image of plugin view with 3 plugins. You can select one plugin at a time. Now plugin name: "DocShare".

Example Image


Create plugins view

init(videoPeerViewModel: VideoPeerViewModel)


videoPeerViewModel Instance of type VideoPeerViewModel

Adding plugins tab button

func setButtons(buttons: [DytePluginScreenShareTabButton],  selectedIndex: Int?, clickAction:@escaping(DytePluginScreenShareTabButton, Bool)->Void)


buttons: Array of DytePluginScreenShareTabButton to be shown inside DyteActiveTabSelectorView
selectedIndex: Index of plugin button which needs to be selected from buttons: [DytePluginScreenShareTabButton]
clickAction: Call back of type (DytePluginScreenShareTabButton, Bool)->Void.
First parameter is the button selected by user .
Second parameter is bool that tells whether button tapped is plugin or either screen share button. true is plugin/screen share button clicked.