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This button is use to implement the action for leaving the meeting. You can add functionality to leave the meeting inside the app by using this button.


Creating a End meeting button which you mostly add inside Control Bar

init(meeting: DyteMobileClient, alertViewController: UIViewController , onClick:((DyteEndMeetingControlBarButton, DyteLeaveDialog.DyteLeaveDialogAlertButtonType)->Void)? = nil, appearance: DyteControlBarButtonAppearance = AppTheme.shared.controlBarButtonAppearance)

Creates a DyteEndMeetingControlBarButton with multiple parameters.


meeting: Current ongoing meeting object.
alertViewController: UIViewController object on which you want to present the UIAlertViewController. UIAlertView shown as final confirmation to leave meeting from the user.
onClick: Closure that you passed to get callback when user take action on UIAlertView appearance: Any type which conforms to protocol "DyteControlBarButtonAppearance"

Override the onClick action.

open func onClick(button: DyteEndMeetingControlBarButton) 

You can override this method inside the subclass of DyteEndMeetingControlBarButton to customize the functionality when user presses this button.