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A screen shown before joining the meeting, where you can edit your display name, and media settings. This screen initialize the meeting and on successfull initialization it shows a join button to join meeting.


Create SetupViewController

 init(meetingInfo: DyteMeetingInfoV2,
mobileClient: DyteMobileClient,

Creates setup screen with the configuration object of type DyteMeetingInfoV2


Required: meetingInfo: An instance of type DyteMeetingInfoV2 meeting: Default meeting object completion: escaping closure to get a callback when Meetings ends up. For example. When user leaved the meeting then you want to present the starting screen.

let controller =  SetupViewController(meetingInfo: dyteMeetingInfo,
meeting: metting) { [weak self] in
guard let self = self else {return}
self.dismiss(animated: true)
controller.modalPresentationStyle = .fullScreen
self.present(controller, animated: true)

Customising flow of SetupViewController using protocol SetupViewControllerDelegate

weak var delegate: SetupViewControllerDelegate?

The delegate of the SetupViewController object.