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Methods and properties for managing Webinar AlertView. This will create an alert which will tells user about their Audio and Video status before joining the webinar stage.


Creating an alertview

 init(meeting: DyteMobileClient, participant: DyteJoinedMeetingParticipant) {


Required: meeting: Current ongoing meeting object. participant: Participant to join stage.

Show AlertView to user

func show(on view: UIView)


Required: view: Parent View on which this alertView will be shown

Button with functionality to join stage

var confirmAndJoinButton: DyteButton {get}

Define it as follows

public let confirmAndJoinButton: DyteButton = {
let button = DyteUIUTility.createButton(text: "Confirm & join stage")
return button

Button with functionality to remove the alertview

var cancelButton: DyteButton {get }

Define it as follows

public let cancelButton: DyteButton = {
let button = DyteUIUTility.createButton(text: "Cancel")
button.backgroundColor = dyteSharedTokenColor.background.shade800
return button