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This view is used to show Recording status of an ongoing meeting. When a participant starts recording meeting, this view will automatically get visible to user and start blinking. When participant stop recording then this view get automatically hide.


Creating a recording view

init(meeting: DyteMobileClient, title: String = "Rec", image: DyteImage? = nil, appearance: DyteRecordingViewAppearance = DyteRecordingViewAppearanceModel(designLibrary: DesignLibrary.shared))

Creates a DyteRecordingView with specified title and other informations.


meeting: Default meeting object
title: String which you want to show. Default value is “Rec”
image: Image of type DtyeImage. Default value of it is nil.
appearance: Any type which conforms to protocol “DyteRecordingViewAppearance”

private lazy var recordingView: DyteRecordingView = {
let view = DyteRecordingView(
meeting: self.meeting)
return view

Managing the recording view

func blinking(start: Bool)

Force start and stop blinking of the recording view.


start: true for start blinking, if you specify false then blinking is stop and view automatically gets disappear.