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Subclass of DyteControlBarButton This button is use to show/hide bottom sheet. Pressing this button again and again will toggle show/hide bottom sheet. You can add this button to show various action which are applicable according to your presets for eg. You can show below actions

  1. Mute audio for all participants
  2. Mute video for all participants
  3. Start/Stop meeting recording.
  4. Can launch plugins.
  5. Can launch polls.
  6. Can lauch chats screen.
  7. Can launch settings screen.

All options depends on Users presets.


Creating a More Menu meeting button which you mostly add inside Control Bar.

init(meeting: DyteMobileClient, presentingViewController: UIViewController, settingViewControllerCompletion:(()->Void)? = nil) {

Creates a DyteMoreButtonControlBar with multiple parameters.


meeting: Current ongoing meeting object.
presentingViewController: UIViewController object on which you want to present this bottom sheet. Optional
settingViewControllerCompletion: Closure that you passed to get callback when user open Setting screen from setting option from bottom sheet and closed it. When user press back from setting screen then you get this callback.

Override the onClick action.

func onClick(button: DyteControlBarButton) 

You can override this method inside the subclass of DyteMoreButtonControlBar to customize the functionality when user presses this button.