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Creating a poll

Create and manage polls in your Android app using Dyte's documentation on Polls Creation.


Understand and manage local user events in your Android application with Dyte's documentation on Local User Events.

Introducing chat

Learn the basics of integrating Dyte's chat functionality into your Android application – a step towards immersive real-time communication.


Get started with Android Livestreaming through this comprehensive introduction guide in Dyte Docs.


Begin your journey with Dyte by exploring the basics of local user integration in Android applications.


Learn the fundamentals of integrating polls into your Android application with Dyte's Polls Introduction guide.

Livestream Event Listeners

Explore the functionalities and implementation of the Android Livestream Listener in Dyte documentation.

Livestream Objects and Methods

Learn about the Android Livestream Object and its usage for effective livestream integration in your Android applications.

Media Permissions

Learn how to manage permissions in your Android application for a secure and controlled user experience with Dyte Docs.

Participant Events

Dive into the details of handling participant events in your Android application using Dyte's comprehensive documentation.


This quickstart shows how to use Dyte's core SDKs to add live video and audio to

Receiving chat messages

"Discover how to implement the functionality to receive chat messages in your Android app using Dyte

Voting on a poll

Understand the process of voting on polls within your Android app using Dyte's documentation on Polls Voting.