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Room Metadata

All metadata pertaining to a meeting is stored in meeting.meta. This includes:

  • meetingId: The unique identifier of the meeting.
  • meetingType: Indicates the meeting is a group-call or a webinar.
  • meetingTitle: The title of the meeting.
  • meetingStartedTimestamp: The timestamp when the meeting started.
  • meetingState: The state of the meeting of type DyteMeetingState.
  • authToken: User's authentication token for the meeting.
  • meetingConfig: The configuration of the meeting of type MeetingConfig.
enum class DyteMeetingState {

data class MeetingConfig(
val enableAudio: Boolean,
val enableVideo: Boolean

For example, if you want to get the title of the meeting the current participant is connected to, you can do so by doing:

val meetingTitle = meeting.meta.meetingTitle