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UIKit components for Polls

Using Dyte's UIKit you can simplify the process of adding polls in your meetings!


  1. Install Core SDK for your framework
  2. Install UIKit for your framework

Dyte Poll Form : Create a new poll

If a user has the right set of permissions, the first thing they woulds want to do is create a poll for the meeting. The easiest way to get started is to grab the Dyte Poll Form which allows you to create a poll. Check out the implementation based on the framework you are using:

  <dyte-poll-form id="dyte-el"></dyte-poll-form>
document.getElementById('dyte-el').addEventListener('dyteCreatePoll', (e) => {
console.log('create poll', e.detail)

Dyte Polls : View existing polls

After a user is done creating a poll, they can see all the polls available in a meeting using Dyte Polls and enable/disable the polls.

      <dyte-polls id="dyte-el"></dyte-polls>

document.getElementById('dyte-el').meeting = meeting;

dyte-polls {
height: 480px;
width: 100%;
max-width: 320px;
background-color: '#000';

Dyte Poll: View poll

The Dyte Poll component lets the users view a given poll. It requires a poll object to render the poll.

      <dyte-poll id="dyte-el"></dyte-poll>

const el = document.getElementById('dyte-el');

el.addEventListener('dyteVotePoll', (e) => {
console.log('Voted', e.detail);

el.poll = {
id: 'poll-id',
question: 'Have you started using dyte yet?',
options: [
text: 'Yes',
votes: [{ id: 'vaibhavs-user-id', name: 'Vaibhav' }],
count: 0,
text: 'Nope',
votes: [],
count: 0,
anonymous: false,
hideVotes: false,
createdBy: 'Vaibhav',
createdByUserId: 'vaibhavs-user-id',
voted: [],

Dyte Polls Toggle

Using the Dyte Polls Toggle, one can easily change the visibility of a poll on the screen. It requires the user's meeting object to see the unread polls count badge on the component.

        <dyte-polls-toggle variant="horizontal" class="dyte-el"></dyte-polls-toggle>
const elements = document.getElementsByClassName('dyte-el');
for (const el of elements) {
el.meeting = meeting;