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Introduction to Dyte's Webinar

A webinar is an interactive online event where individuals or organizations share information, deliver presentations, and engage with a remote audience over the internet. It involves a host or presenter who shares content or expertise with participants from different locations. Webinars offer features like live chat, polls, Q&A sessions, and audio/video interactions for active participant engagement. They are used for education, marketing, training, and other real-time online events.

How Dyte's webinar is different from a group call?

Webinars and group calls serve distinct purposes and have different characteristics.


  • Webinars are one-to-many events focused on sharing information to a larger audience.
  • They involve presenters and viewers, with the presenter delivering content and viewers actively participating through features like chat and Q&A.
  • In webinars, participants producing media (audio or video) are considered "on stage," while others are "off stage."
  • Dyte provides prebuilt presets for webinar presenters and viewers, offering predefined permissions and UI configurations tailored to their roles

Group call

  • Group calls in Dyte emphasize interactive communication and collaboration among a smaller group of participants.
  • They enable real-time audio and video interactions for team meetings and discussions, promoting equal participation among all participants.
  • Dyte provides prebuilt presets specifically designed for group calls, including the group_call_host and group_call_participant presets, which offer predefined permissions and UI configurations for hosts and participants

Key features of a Dyte's webinar

The following are some of the highlights of Dyte's webinar:

  • Manage permissions for hosts and participants using presets to control stage access.
  • You can record all the webinars like any other Dyte meeting. For more information on Dyte recording, see the Recording Overview.
  • Supported platforms include web, Android, and iOS.