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No Code Integration

You can easily integrate Dyte into your project without any SDK using an iFrame. An iFrame is a quick and easy way to embed a live video solution into your own website or application without modifying the underlying code.

You can use iFrame for a variety of reasons, including lack of resources, technical expertise, or simply a preference for a lighter integration method. You simply need to add a small piece of HTML code to your website or application.

Before Getting Started

Embed using an iFrame

Pass your options with meeting ID auth token in the URL query. Here's an example with all the available options:


Query Parameters

| Name | Required | Description | | :--------------- | :--------- | :----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --- | | authToken | required | The token string you receive when you add a Participant to a meeting. | | meetingID | required | The ID of the meeting you receive when you create a meeting. | | endRedirectURL | optional | The URL to which the meeting would be redirected on end of the meeting. | |


window.addEventListener('message', receiveMessage, false);

function receiveMessage(evt) {
if (evt.origin === '') {
const data =;
if (data.type === 'meetingEnded') {
const reason = data.kicked;
// take action on meeting end