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Dyte's live video platform, built upon WebRTC, enables you to seamlessly incorporate real-time communication features into your web and mobile applications. Using Dyte's REST APIs and client-side SDKs, you can effortlessly acquire, transmit, and play media while efficiently managing network connections within your applications. All Dyte live video calls come with in-built noise cancellation (powered by Krisp).

  • Essentials: Step by step guides to help you through the setup process and fundamental concepts
  • Capabilities: Guides to functionalities that you can incrementally add to enhance your live video call experience
  • UI Kit: Learn about Dyte's prebuilt library of UI components through guides on integrating them and customizing them to align with your brand's identity
  • Reference: Build a better understanding of the core SDK that provides APIs driving your live video experience along with references for the REST APIs that power your live streams

Supported platforms

Dyte currently supports the following platforms:

  • Mobile: Flutter, Android (Java/Kotlin), iOS (Objective-C/Swift), React Native
  • Web: Javascript Core SDK + UI Kit for React JS, Angular, and Web Components for other frameworks
  • Desktop: Electron



UI Kit

Explore UI Kit components from Dyte and learn how to customize them