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Dyte Plugins allow you to build collaborative and immersive experiences in your meetings without ever having to leave the meeting. The guides listed here will help you enable or disable plugins during meetings, configure existing plugins and even create new plugins with the help of Meeting APIs and built-in realtime database.


Methods / Properties

Here is an introduction on the basics of plugins in your meetings:

List all plugins

const plugins = meeting.plugins.all.toArray();

Each plugin object in the array is of type DytePlugin

Activate plugin

The activate() method activates a plugin for all users in the meeting. When you activate a plugin, it moves into the active plugins map and can be accessed from

The snippet below finds a plugin by name and activates it

const plugins = meeting.plugins.all.toArray();
const whiteboard = plugins.find((p) => == 'Whiteboard');

await whiteboard.activate();

Deactivate plugin



Each plugin object emits an enabled event and a closed event

const whiteboard = plugins.find((p) => == 'Whiteboard');
whiteboard.on('enabled', () => {
console.log('Whiteboard has been enabled');
whiteboard.on('closed', () => {
console.log('Whiteboard has been disabled');