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Document Sharing

DocShare allows you to share, view documents and annotate the documents collaboratively. The plugin exposes a few APIs to control the document viewer

Loading a document

You can specify the following parameters:

  • followId: It syncs the zoom and scroll values of the userId specified to other users (including the recording)
  • document : You can also specify the document that you wish to open beforehand.
const id = '317b4f59-40f0-46af-90d6-1ed6035bb477';
const docsharePlugin = meeting.plugins.all.get(id);
docsharePlugin.on('ready', () => {
// Ensure the isHost check is only there for one participant
// since the recording can't follow multiple people
const isHost = meeting.self.presetName === '<presetnameofhost>';
if (!isHost) return;
eventName: 'config',
data: {
eventName: 'config',
document: '<document-url>',
followId: meeting.self.userId,

Now whenever the plugin is loaded it will use the specified parameters. To open the plugin you can call


File format support

Supports PPTX, PPT, DOC, PDF