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Video Player

Streamer allows you to share & watch your favorite videos together. The plugin exposes a few APIs to control the video playback

Loading a video

You can specify the following parameters:

  • link : URL to the video you wish to play
  • loop : Specify video behavior, if you want to restart the video once it has ended.
  • hideBack : Prevents users from closing the video.

Any user can send the parameters to the plugin

const id = '20b1dd35-4500-4315-80aa-bbbaa2083f2b';
const streamerPlugin = meeting.plugins.all.get(id);
streamerPlugin.on('ready', () => {
eventName: 'config',
data: {
eventName: 'config',
link: '',
loop: true,
hideBack: true,

Now whenever the plugin is loaded it will use the specified parameters. To open the plugin you can call