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Whiteboard allows you to write, draw and ideate collaboratively. Built on top of tldraw

Saving the whiteboard

You can save the whiteboard from the UI or you can use the API

const id = 'ae79b269-24ca-4f8a-8112-f96084c8c19a';
const plugin = meeting.plugins.all.get(id);

eventName: 'save-board',
data: { eventName: 'save-board' },


You can customization the following parameters:

  • follow: Peer ID of the participant you want this user to follow.
  • role: The role you want the current user to assume in the plugin. This field can have two values: editor , viewer. The default value for this field is editor.
  • autoScale: Scales the user's board to view all content when another user draws on it. The default value for this field is false.
meeting.participants.on('participantJoined', (participant) => {
if ( !== '<host-id>') return;
eventName: 'config',
data: {
eventName: 'config',
follow: '<participant-id>',
role: 'viewer',
autoScale: true,