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Livestreaming is the real-time broadcasting of video or audio content over the internet, enabling viewers to watch and interact with events as they happen. Dyte offers livestreaming services to facilitates one-to-many communication, where a single source streams the content to multiple viewers or participants. It enables the hosts and participants to engage and interact during the stream, creating an interactive live streaming (ILS) experience.


On this page, you will find an overview to help you craft an exceptional user experience with minimal hassle.

  • Essentials: Step by step guides to help you through the setup process and fundamental concepts
  • Capabilities: Guides to functionalities that you can incrementally add to enhance your livestream experience
  • UI Kit: Learn about Dyte's prebuilt library of UI components through guides on integrating them and customizing them to align with your brand's identity
  • Reference: Build a better understanding of the core SDK that provides APIs driving your live streaming experience along with references for the REST APIs that power your live streams



UI Kit

Explore UI Kit components from Dyte and learn how to customize them