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Integrate Dyte

This topic provides a simple guide to integrating Dyte's Interactive Livestream into your app, enabling you to add high-quality real-time communication features.

The following diagram illustrates the steps involved and demonstrates the interaction between Dyte's backend and frontend during the integration process.

Diagram explaining how Dyte works

Step 1: Register in the Developer Portal

To get started with Dyte, you must first register in the Developer portal.

Step 2: Get your API Keys

Copy the API Keys for your organization from the Developer portal. The API Key is unique to your organization and is required to use Dyte REST APIs such as when instantiating a meeting.

API keyAPI key

Step 3: Create Presets

A preset is a set of permissions and UI configurations that would be applied to a participant. For more information, see Add Presets.

  1. In the Developer Portal, click Presets, and click Create New.

    Create presetCreate preset
  2. In the Select Meeting Type, select Livestream.Create presetCreate preset
  3. Set permissions and UI configurations.

  4. Once you’ve made all the changes that you need to add to your preset, click Save at the right-corner.

  5. Enter the name for your preset and click Save.


It is important to understand that you need to create two presets for livestreaming. One preset is used for the livestreaming host and the other preset is used for the livestreaming viewer.

The host requires certain host controls such as the ability to Kick Participants, Mute Audio, Mute Video, and Pin Participant, as well as media permissions like Start Livestream and Admit or remove participants from the livestream. Ensure that you’ve selected those permissions for the host.

Step 4: Create a Meeting

Create a Dyte meeting using the Create Meeting API. This API returns a unique identifier for your meeting.

Step 5: Add Participants

After you've created the meeting, add participants to the meeting using the Add Participant API.

The preset created in the previous step must be passed in the body of the Add Participant API request. Specify the name of the preset in the preset_name parameter.

This API returns the authentication token that is required to initialize your frontend SDKs.

Dyte meetings do not have a date or time associated with them, so you can create them in advance or just when users need to join the meeting. The idea is that your backend controls when to distribute authentication token and thus you can share the tokens with the users at the scheduled time.

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