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A comprehensive widget designed to display a participant's video or avatar within a Dyte meeting environment. This widget is part of the Dyte UI Kit and is optimized for showing participant information, including live video feed, name, and audio status.


DyteProvider needs to be added above DyteParticipantTile which will manage dyte client object for polls screen by itself.


Below is an example of how to use the DyteParticipantTile in your Flutter application:

designToken: yourDesignToken,
height: 240,
width: 180,


  • participant: (Required) An instance of DyteMeetingParticipant. This represents the participant whose information and video are to be displayed.
  • designToken: (Optional) An instance of DyteDesignTokens for customizing the appearance according to the Dyte Design System. If not specified, the widget will use the global design tokens.
  • height: (Optional) The height of the tile. Default is 240.
  • width: (Optional) The width of the tile. Default is 180.


  • Video or Avatar Display: Automatically displays the participant's video feed if available; otherwise, shows the participant's avatar.
  • Dynamic Resizing: Adapts size based on the constraints provided by the parent widget.
  • Pinned Status: Indicates if the participant is pinned in the meeting.
  • Audio Status: Shows an icon indicating whether the participant's audio is on or off.
  • Name Tag: Displays the participant's name and, if applicable, indicates if they are the local user with a "You" tag.