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A custom Flutter widget designed for toggling video state in a Dyte video conference environment. This widget is part of the Dyte UI Kit and allows users to enable or disable their video during a meeting.


Below is an example of how to integrate the DyteSelfVideoToggleButton into your Flutter app:

dyteMobileClient: yourDyteMobileClientInstance,
onVideoToggle: () {
// Code to execute after video toggle
iconSize: 24.0,
showLabel: true,


  • dyteMobileClient: (Required) An instance of DyteMobileClient to manage video state and events.
  • onVideoToggle: (Optional) A callback that is called when the video toggle button is pressed.
  • iconSize: (Optional) Size of the icon inside the toggle button. If not specified, a default size is used.
  • iconColor: (Optional) Color of the icon inside the toggle button. If not specified, the default color from the design tokens is used.
  • showLabel: (Optional) A boolean to show or hide the label next to the icon. Default is false.
  • dyteDesignToken: (Optional) An instance of DyteDesignTokens for customizing the appearance according to the Dyte Design System.

Design Token

The widget utilizes DyteDesignTokens for theming, which allows customization following the Dyte Design System. The designTokens can either be passed as a parameter or will default to the global design tokens.