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A button widget specifically designed for joining a Dyte meeting room. This widget encapsulates functionality related to the meeting room joining process, providing visual feedback to the user based on the current state of the joining process.


Here is a basic example of how to use the DyteJoinButton in your Flutter app:

dyteMobileClient = yourDyteMobileClientInstance,
onMeetingJoined = () {
// Your code to execute after joining the meeting
height = 50.0,
width = 200.0,
isDisabled = false,


  • dyteMobileClient: (Required) An instance of DyteMobileClient to manage meeting room events.
  • onMeetingJoined: (Optional) A callback that gets called when the meeting room is successfully joined.
  • dyteDesignToken: (Optional) An instance of DyteDesignTokens for customizing the button's appearance according to the Dyte Design System.
  • height: (Optional) The height of the button. If not specified, it defaults to the height defined by the button style.
  • width: (Optional) The width of the button. If not specified, it defaults to the width defined by the button style.
  • isDisabled: (Optional) A boolean that disables the button when set to true. Default is false.