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The DyteStage module represents a class to mange the Stage of the meeting Stage refers to a virtual area, where participants stream are visible to other participants. When a participant is off stage, they are not producing media but only consuming media from participants who are on Stage


Method to fetch all Stage access requests from viewers


Method to send a request to privileged users to join the stage


Method to cancel a previous Stage join request


Method to grant access to Stage. This can be in response to a Stage Join request but it can be called on other users as well

permissions.acceptStageRequests privilege required


Method to deny access to Stage. This should be called in response to a Stage Join request


Method to join the stage Users either need to have the permission in the preset or must be accepted by a priveleged user to call this method


Method to leave the stage Users must either be on the stage already or be accepted to join the stage to call this method


Method to kick a user off the stage

permissions.acceptStageRequests privilege required