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Sending a chat message

As mentioned in introduction, there are 3 types of chat messages - text messages, images, and files. There is a method in to send a message of each type.

Send a text message

To send a text message, the method can be used. This accepts a string message and sends it to the room.

const message = 'Is this the real life?';

Send an image

You can send an image with the help of This accepts an image of type File, and sends it to the participants in the meeting.

<label for="img">Select image:</label>
<input type="file" id="img" name="img" accept="image/*" />
<button onclick="onSendImage()">Send Image</button>
async function onSendImage() {
const image = document.getElementById('img');

Send a file

Sending a file is quite similar to sending an image. The only difference is that when you send an image, a preview will be shown in the meeting chat, which is not the case for sending files. That being said, an image can be sent as a file too using

<label for="file">Select file:</label>
<input type="file" id="file" name="file" />
<button onclick="onSendFile()">Send File</button>
async function onSendFile() {
const file = document.getElementById('file');


There is also a common method called that can be used to send any of the 3 types of messages displayed above. It essentially calls one of the methods from above depending upon the type of payload you send to the method. The sendMessage() method accepts a parameter message of the following type:

async function sendMessage(
message: { type: 'text', message: string }
| { type: 'image', image: File }
| { type: 'file', file: File },
) {...}

Here's how you would use the sendMessage() method to send a text message.

const message = 'Is this just fantasy?';
await{ type: 'text', message });