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How to work with Plugin Stores

The plugin SDK offers a realtime key-value database. This can be accessed under the plugin.stores modules

There are a bunch of things you can do with plugin stores. Like creating/deleting stores and basic CRUD operation on every store.

Creating stores

Stores can be global or local. Local stores are available only to the user that created them while global stores are available to everyone.


Store creation is a local event. It is recommended that it occurs for all clients.

Here's how you can create a store:

    // create a global store
const videoStore = plugin.stores.create('youtube');

// create a local store
const my-playlist = plugin.stores.create('private-playlist', { local: true });

Subscribing to stores changes

Once a store is created the next step would be to subscribe to changes. It is recommended that you do this just after the store is created.

You can subscribe to a particular key in the store like so. Please note that you do not need to define a key before subscribing to it.

    const videoStore = plugin.stores.create('youtube');
videoStore.subscribe('video', (data) => {

Updating the store

Updating a key in the store is an asynchronous task. When a user updates the store, it will be updated for all users.

All users subscribed to the store will receive a notification for it.

const button = document.getElementById('play-video');
button.addEventListener('click', async () => {
await videoStore.set('video', {
url: '',
const vid = videoStore.get('video');