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Other Methods

Using Middlewares

Middlewares are add-ons that you can use to add effects and filters to your audio and video streams with ease. The meeting.self namespace exposes methods to add and remove these middlewares. Read more about how to work with middlewares here.

Create a middleware

function RetroTheme() {
return (canvas, ctx) => {
ctx.filter = 'grayscale(1)';
ctx.shadowColor = '#000';
ctx.shadowBlur = 20;
ctx.lineWidth = 50;
ctx.strokeStyle = '#000';
ctx.strokeRect(0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height);

Working with video middlewares

// Add the video middleware

// Remove the video middleware

Working with audio middlewares

// Add the audio middleware

// Remove the audio middleware

Pinning & unpinning

You can pin or unpin yourself given you have the appropriate permissions. You can check the pinned status of the local user using meeting.isPinned.;


The Dyte Webinar revolves around the concept of a stage. The stage is directly accessible for hosts, while participants can request to join the stage. Here's how you can interact with stage APIs.

Read more about Dyte Webinars here.

// Request to join stage
await meeting.self.requestToJoinStage();

// Leave stage
await meeting.self.leaveStage();