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Disable upload to Dyte's bucket

Once the recording is complete, by default, Dyte uploads all recordings to Dyte's AWS S3 bucket. Additionally, a presigned URL is generated with a 7-day expiry. The recording can be accessed using the downloadUrl associated with each recording.

However, Dyte provides users with the flexibility to choose whether or not to upload their recordings to Dyte's S3 bucket. If you wish to disable uploads to Dyte's bucket, you can set the dyte_bucket_config parameter to false in the Start Recording endpoint.

For example:

"dyte_bucket_config": {
"enabled": false

If you haven't specified an external storage configuration and also disabled uploads to Dyte's bucket, then the recording will not be uploaded to any location. It is considered as an invalid recording.

For more information on how to set your extrenal storage configuration, see Publish Recorded File to Your Cloud Provider.