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Monitor Recording Status

Recording states

The recording of a meeting can have the following states:

INVOKEDOur backend servers have received the recording request, and the master is looking for a ready worker to assign the recording job.
RECORDINGThe meeting is currently being recorded by a worker; note that this will also hold true if the meeting is being live streamed.
UPLOADINGThe recording has been stopped and the file is being uploaded to the cloud storage. If you have not specified storage details, then the files will be uploaded only to Dyte's server. Any RTMP and livestreaming link will also stop at this stage.
UPLOADEDThe recording file upload is complete and the status webhook is also triggered.
ERROREDThere was an irrecoverable error while recording the meeting and the file will not be available.

Fetching the state

There are two ways you can track what state a recording is in or view more details about a recording:

Dyte sends out a recording.statusUpdate webhook each time the recording transitions between states during its lifecycle. To learn more on what payloads are sent along with each state, and how to configure webhooks, see recording.statusUpdate.

By polling HTTP APIs

Alternatively, you can also use the following APIs: