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Set Audio Configurations

Recording audio requires configuring the codec and channel parameters to guarantee optimal quality and compatibility with your application's demands. The codec determines the encoding format for the audio, and the channel specifies the number of audio channels for the recording. You can modify the following audio_config used for recording the audio:


Codec determines the audio encoding format for recording, with MP3 and AAC being the supported formats.

  • AAC (default)
  • MP3

If VP8 is selected for video_config, changing audio_config is not allowed. In this case, the codec in the audio_config is automatically set to vorbis.


Audio signal pathway within an audio file that carries a specific sound source. The following channels are supported:

  • stereo (default)
  • mono

You can modify the configs by specifying it in the audio_config field in the Start Recording API, for example:

"audio_config": {
"codec": "AAC"
"channel": "stereo"

Download Audio Files

The audio file for your recording is generated only if you passed the audio_config parameters in the Start Recording API.

When the recording is completed, you can use the audio_download_url provided in the response body of the Fetch details of a recording endpoint to download and export the audio file.