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Stop Recording a Meeting

Dyte recordings can be stopped in any of the following ways:

  1. Automatic Stop (Empty meeting): A Dyte recording will automatically stop if the meeting has no participants for a duration of 1 minute or more. This wait time can be customized by contacting Dyte's support team to configure a custom value for your organization.
  2. Automatic Stop (maxSeconds elapsed): A recording will automatically stop when it reaches the duration specified by the max_seconds parameter passed while starting the recording, regardless of whether participants are present in the meeting. If this parameter is not passed, it defaults to 24 hours (86400 seconds).
  3. Using Stop Recording API: A recording can also be stopped by passing the recording ID & stop action to our Pause/Resume/Stop recording API.

When a recording is stopped, it transitions to the UPLOADING state and then to the UPLOADED state after it has been transferred to Dyte's storage and any external storage that has been set up.