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Participant Types

The data regarding all meeting participants is stored under meeting.participants. These does not include the local user. Use the methods and events to consume the participants data. For example, to get all the participants who joined the meeting:

// get all joined participants
final List<DyteJoinedMeetingParticipant> joined =;

// get active participants
final List<DyteJoinedMeetingParticipant> active =;

The dyteMobileClient.participants object has the following lists of participants

  • joined: A list that contains all the participants who are currently in the meeting except the local user
  • waitlisted: A list that contains all the participants waiting to join the meeting.
  • active: A list that contains all the participants, including the local user whose media is subscribed to i.e participants who are supposed to be on the screen at the moment, including the local user.
  • pinned: A list that contains all the pinned participants of the meeting.
  • screenShares: A list that contains all the participants who are sharing their screen.

Therefore if you were to make a video / audio grid of participants, you'd use the active list, but to display the list of all participants in the meeting you'd use the joined list.

Each participant in each of the joined, active, pinned and screenShares list are of type DyteJoinedMeetingParticipant, waitlisted list is of type DyteWaitlistedParticipant.