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The dyteClient.recording object can be used start and stop recordings in a meeting.

The dyteClient.recording object has the following properties:

  • recordingState: DyteRecordingState, Indicates the current recording state of the meeting.

To listen recording status updates, you need to listen for onMeetingRecordingStateUpdated() event. This returns DyteRecordingState object with it.

There can be 4 states:

  • idle
  • starting
  • recording
  • stopping

Start a recording

To start a recording, you need to call the start() method in the dyteClient.recording object, as shown below.


Stop a recording

To stop a recording, you need to call the stop() method in the dyteClient.recording object, as shown below.


Listen to recording state changes

The changes to recording state can be listened by implementing onMeetingRecordingStateUpdated from DyteMeetingRoomEventsListener.

class RecordingListener with DyteRecordingEventsListener {

void onMeetingRecordingStarted() {
/// Handle starting of recording

void onMeetingRecordingStateUpdated(DyteRecordingState recordingState) {
/// Handle status update of recording

void onMeetingRecordingEnded() {
/// Handle recording ended

void onMeetingRecordingStopError(String error) {
/// Handle recording error


You can subscribe to this events by addRecordingListener method: