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Local User - Events

Room joined / leave

Trigger an update when the local user joins / leave a room.

const roomJoined = useDyteSelector((meeting) => meeting.self.roomJoined);

Video update

Triggered when the user starts / stops the video using enableVideo or disableVideo

const videoEnabled = useDyteSelector((meeting) => meeting.self.videoEnabled);
const videoTrack = useDyteSelector((meeting) => meeting.self.videoTrack);

useEffect(() => {
const videoElem = document.getElementById('my-video');
if (videoEnabled && videoTrack) {
const stream = new MediaStream();
videoElem.srcObject = stream;;
}, [videoEnabled, videoTrack]);

Audio update

Triggered when the user starts / stops the audio using enableAudio or disableAudio

const audioEnabled = useDyteSelector((meeting) => meeting.self.audioEnabled);
const audioTrack = useDyteSelector((meeting) => meeting.self.audioTrack);

useEffect(() => {
const audioElem = document.getElementById('my-audio');
if (audioEnabled && audioTrack) {
const stream = new MediaStream();
audioElem.srcObject = stream;;
}, [audioEnabled, audioTrack]);

Screenshare update

Triggered when the user starts / stops the screen share using enableScreenShare() or disableScreenShare().

const screenShareEnabled = useDyteSelector(
(meeting) => meeting.self.screenShareEnabled
const screenShareTrack = useDyteSelector(
(meeting) => meeting.self.screenShareTrack

Device update

Subscribe to the deviceUpdate event to handle the changing video, audio and speaker devices

meeting.self.on('deviceUpdate', ({ device }) => {
// handle microphone device change
if (device.kind === 'audioinput') {
console.log('mic change', device);
// handle camera device change
if (device.kind === 'videoinput') {
console.log('camera change', device);
// handle speaker device change
if (device.kind === 'audiooutput') {
console.log('speaker change', device);

Network quality score

Subscribe to the mediaScoreUpdate event to monitor network

meeting.self.on('mediaScoreUpdate', ({ kind, isScreenshare, score }) => {
if (kind === 'video') {
`Your ${isScreenshare ? 'screenshare' : 'video'} quality score is `,

if (kind === 'audio') {
console.log('Your audio quality score is ', score);

if (score < 5) {
console.log('Your media quality is poor');

Webinar Stage events

In a WEBINAR setup, below events can be used to bring a user on to stage

waitlistedEmitted when the user has been added to the waitlist.
joinStageRequestAcceptedEmitted to all host users, when a host accepts a user's request to join webinar meeting.
joinStageRequestRejectedEmitted to all host users, when a host rejects a user's request to join webinar meeting.
removedFromStageEmitted when the user has been kicked from the webinar meeting.
stageJoinedEmitted when the user has joined the webinar meeting.
stageLeftEmitted when the user has left the webinar meeting.
peerRequestToJoinStageEmitted when a user has requested to join the webinar meeting.
peerRejectedToJoinStageEmitted when the user's request to join the meeting has been rejected.
peerAcceptedToJoinStageEmitted when the user's request to join the meeting has been accepted
peerStoppedPresentingEmitted when a participant stops presenting in the webinar meeting.
peerStartedPresentingEmitted when a participant starts presenting in the webinar meeting.

Permission Updates

Triggered when permissions are updated dynamically by a privileged user

Subscribe to chatUpdate, pollsUpdate, pluginsUpdate or * for any kind of permission updates Example:

meeting.self.permissions.on('chatUpdate', () => {
// Chat permissions are updated
// check meeting.self.permissions for updated permissions