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Permissions for a participant are defined by the preset. However they can updated in meeting by calling updatePermissions for remote participants

Find the target participants

Permissions can be updated for either a single participant or multiple participant at once. Find the ids of the participant whose permissions need to be updated

const participantIds = meeting.participants.joined
.filter((e) => {
.map((p) =>;

Update permissions

// Allow file upload permissions in public chat
const newPermissions = { chat: { public: { files: true } } };

meeting.participants.updatePermissions(participantIds, newPermissions);

Allowed values for update permissions objects. Every field is optional

interface UpdatedPermissions {
polls?: {
canCreate?: boolean;
canVote?: boolean;
plugins?: {
canClose?: boolean;
canStart?: boolean;
chat?: {
public?: {
canSend?: boolean;
text?: boolean;
files?: boolean;
private?: {
canSend?: boolean;
text?: boolean;
files?: boolean;