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Setting Screen


A screen that is used to show settings to switch between different audio/video devices.

Create DyteSettingViewController

init(nameTag: String, meeting: DyteMobileClient, completion:(()->Void)? = nil)

Creates settings screen with name tag.


nameTag: An String representing participant name.
meeting: Default meeting object
completion: Closure to get a callback when user presses back button present on DyteNavigationBar

Hide/Show top bar

var shouldShowTopBar: Bool = true

Default value is true. To hide the topbar assign this to false.

To show DyteSettingViewController do in iOS as follows:

let controller = DyteSettingViewController(nameTag:,
meeting: mobileClient)
controller.view.backgroundColor = self.view.backgroundColor
controller.modalPresentationStyle = .fullScreen
self.present(controller, animated: true)