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Basic structure

What are we building?

We are deconstructing the default setup screen.

At the end of this group of docs, we should have the following screen built using low level components.

meeting UI screenshot with labeled parts

Let's put a basic skeleton and the initial boilerplate code.

Barebone ui needed to redner for name textField and a button to join the meeting will look as follow:

let joinButton = DyteJoinButton(meeting: self.mobileClient) { [weak self] button, success in
guard let self = self else {return}
if success {
self.delegate?.userJoinedMeetingSuccessfully(sender: self)

let textFieldBottom: DyteTextField = {
let textField = DyteTextField()
textField.setPlaceHolder(text: "Insert your name")
return textField

Now inside your setup screen you'll need to set name for user

public override func viewDidLoad() {
textFieldBottom.text =

A common use case of pre-call UI is to give the user a option to set / edit their name.


Requires meeting.localUser.permissions.miscellaneous.canEditDisplayName to be true

In the preset editor, ensure Miscellaneous > Edit Name is toggled enabled.

Observe and change textField on text changes

func setupTextField() {
textFieldBottom.addTarget(self, action: #selector(textFieldEditingDidChange), for: .editingChanged)
textFieldBottom.delegate = self

@objc func textFieldEditingDidChange(_ sender: Any) {
if !((textFieldBottom.text?.trimmingCharacters(in: .whitespaces).isEmpty) ?? false) {
if let text = textFieldBottom.text { = text
} = text sets the new name for the participant.

At the end, we let user join the meeting using meeting.joinRoom().