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Waiting Room

When you call dyteMobileClient.joinRoom(), the user either enters the meeting room directly if allowed, or they are placed in the waiting room if they are a waitlisted participant.

The diagram illustrates the possible room states the local user can be in.

Meeting Room Joined

If user joins the room successfully, you receive the onMeetingRoomJoinCompleted() callback in DyteMeetingRoomEventsListener. You can listen for this callback as follows:

class MeetingRoomNotifier extends DyteMeetingRoomEventsListener{
override fun onMeetingRoomJoinCompleted() {
// Local user is in the meeting


Waitlisted Participant

If the user is waitlisted, the onWaitListStatusUpdate callback in DyteSelfEventsListener notifies you of any changes in the user's waitlist status. You can check the waitListStatus to determine their status:

  • WAITING: Local user is in the waiting room.
  • REJECTED: Local user's join room request is rejected by the host.
class WaitingRoomNotifier extends DyteSelfEventsListener{

void onWaitListStatusUpdate(DyteWaitListStatus waitListStatus) {
switch (waitListStatus) {
case DyteWaitListStatus.waiting:
// Local user is in the waiting room
case DyteWaitListStatus.rejected:
// Local user's join room request was rejected by the host


Host can use these methods to accept/reject participants.