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Plugins are one-click add-ons that can make your meetings more immersive and collaborative. Dyte provides a bunch of inbuilt plugins to choose from, you can also build your own plugins using the Plugin SDK.

The meeting plugins can be accessed from the meeting.plugins object, it exposes the following.

activeMapAll plugins that are currently in use.
allMapAll plugins the meeting has access to.

Each plugin in the map is of type DytePlugin.

interface DytePlugin {
baseURL: string;
createdAt: string;
description: string;
id: string;
name: string;
config: PluginConfig | undefined;
organizationId: string;
picture: string;
private: boolean;
published: boolean;
staggered: boolean;
tags: string[];
type: string;
updatedAt: string;

Once a plugin is activated, plugin.config get's populated. It is of type PluginConfig.

interface PluginConfig {
name: string;
pluginId: string;
version: string;
description: string;
author?: string;
repository?: string;
tags?: string[];
picture?: string;
url?: string;
files: {
include: string[];
exclude?: string[];
views?: {
[viewId: string]: {
url: string;
suggestedPosition: string;
contentScript?: string;
permissions?: {
[key: string]: {
default: boolean;
description: string;
config?: {
[key: string]: string;