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Functions to disable plugins

Each plugin in meeting.plugins object is of type DytePlugin and exposes the following functions to disable plugins.

Remove Plugin View

This method is used for cleaning up event listeners attached to an iframe. It must be used before the iframe is removed from the DOM.

const plugins = meeting.plugins.all.toArray();

plugins.forEach(async (plugin: DytePlugin) => {
await plugin.removePluginView();

Deactivate Plugins

The deactivate() method deactivates the plugin for all users in the meeting. When you deactivate a plugin, it gets removed from the active plugins map and can only be accessed from meeting.plugins.all.

The snippet below displays all active plugins and deactivate a plugin on click.

const plugins =;

plugins.forEach((plugin: DytePlugin) => {
await plugin.deactivate();

Here is another way you can deactivate a plugin.

const plugins =;
const plugin = plugins.find((p) => === 'YouTube');

await plugin?.deactivate();