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Stage Access for Viewers

Viewer participants in a stage-enabled meeting are users whose preset permission for media production is set as CAN_REQUEST. The meeting.stage object provides APIs for viewer participants to request stage access and withdraw their join stage request.

Request Access

To request access to the stage, you can call the requestAccess() method:


When a host accepts the user's stage access request or allows the user directly to the stage, the SDK triggers the onPresentRequestReceived callback in DyteStageEventListener. You can listen to this event:

extension WebinarViewModel: DyteStageEventListener {
func onPresentRequestReceived() {
// Host accepted the join stage request or invited user directly to stage

You can then call the join() method to finally join the stage.

Note: If the host has directly allowed the user to join the stage and they want to decline, you should use the leave() method.

Cancel Access Request

To cancel or withdraw a pending stage access request, you can call the cancelRequestAccess() method: