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System Error Codes


This information is intended for developers debugging or troubleshooting Dyte's mobile core system errors.

Error codes are a standardized method for developers to convey application errors and issues to users or other developers in a structured manner. Error codes typically consist of a numerical or alphanumeric code and a description that provides more information about the error.

This document lists Dyte's iOS core error codes that you may encounter in various scenarios. System error codes can arise in different parts of the system, and their descriptions may not always provide exact details. To address these codes effectively, you must first understand the programmatic and runtime contexts in which these errors occurred.

Error codes and format

Error codes consist of a number that are categorized by the type of error and a message that provides more information about the error. The error code format is as follows:

class DyteError {
let code: Int
let message: String

Meeting error codes

Meeting error codes are used to indicate errors that occur during meeting operations. These errors are typically returned by the methods of the meeting object such as init(), join().

  • 1000: Invalid auth token.
  • 1002: Failed to initialize meeting.
  • 1003: Invalid base URL.
  • 1005: Failed to join room.
  • 4000: Something went wrong.