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Integrating Breakout Rooms

Step 1: Install the SDK

You can install the package using CDN, npm or Yarn.

Install the SDK using npm.

npm install @dytesdk/web-core

npm version

Step 2: Initialize the SDK

authTokenAfter you've created the meeting, add each participant to the meeting using the Add Participant API. The API response contains the authToken.
let meeting = await DyteClient.init({

// add additional event handler for breakout rooms
meeting.connectedMeetings.on('meetingChanged', (newMeeting) => {
meeting = newMeeting;

Step 3: Pass the meeting object to pre-built ui component

<dyte-meeting id="my-meeting"></dyte-meeting>
document.getElementById('my-meeting').meeting = meeting;

For detailed guide, check out -