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Room Metadata

All metadata pertaining to a meeting is stored in meeting.meta. This includes:

  • viewType: Indicates the type of the meeting, possible values are WEBINAR, GROUP_CALL.
  • roomType: Indicates the meeting is a group-call or a webinar.
  • meetingTitle: The title of the meeting.
  • meetingStartedTimestamp: The timestamp when the meeting started.
  • socketConnected: Boolean flag to show when the socket is connected.

For example, if you want to get the title of the meeting the current participant is connected to, you can do so by doing:

// Destructuring the metadata to get meetingTitle and joined
const { meetingTitle } = meeting.meta;

if (meeting.self.roomJoined) {
`The local user has joined a meeting with title ${meetingTitle}.`

The meta object also emits events for indicating the change in the connection state of the room. For example, you can listen for the connected event to know when the local user has successfully joined the room, and for the disconnected event to find out if the local user's connection has dropped.

const meetingconnected = useDyteSelector(
(meeting) => meeting.meta.socketConnected
useEffect(() => {
console.log('I got meetingconnected as: ', meetingconnected);
}, [meetingconnected]);

const meetingTitle = useDyteSelector((meeting) => meeting.meta.meetingTitle);
useEffect(() => {
console.log('I got meetingTitle as: ', meetingTitle);
}, [meetingTitle]);

const meetingStartedTimestamp = useDyteSelector(
(meeting) => meeting.meta.meetingStartedTimestamp
useEffect(() => {
console.log('I got meetingStartedTimestamp as: ', meetingStartedTimestamp);
}, [meetingStartedTimestamp]);