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🧮 Compatibility Matrix


FeatureTwilio webTwilio iOSTwilio AndroidDyte WebDyte iOSDyte Android
Start audio/speaker
Start video
Stop video
Virtual background
Render user video
Recording composition
Network bandwidth management
Noise cancellation✅ + Krisp✅ + Krisp✅ + Krisp✅ + Krisp✅ + Krisp✅ + Krisp
Data center selection✅⭐✅ ⭐✅ ⭐✅ ⭐
Webview Support (Web SDK)N/AN/AN/AN/A
Video Devices
Speaker Devices
Mic Devices
Data Tracks API
Quality of Service✅ HTTP✅ HTTP✅ HTTP✅ HTTP✅ HTTP✅ HTTP
Diagnostic CS Tooling
Callkit (iOS)N/AN/AN/A🟠N/A

  1. PSTN 🔵 : Can integrate with third-party SIP to provide telephony support.

  2. Callkit (iOS) 🟠 : Customers can add it at their end, sample code is available.

  3. Data center selection ⭐ : With Twilio a Room can only take place in one Data Center at a time, so that means if a user from the US is connecting with a user in India, a region in the middle of two (like Europe) would be choose by default under 'gcc'. In Dyte a single media meeting can take place across multiple regions (Beta), so for the previous example the US user will connect to the US region and the Indian user to the India region.

Metrics / Quotas

Max participants per Room5010000*
Max Audio Track Publications per Room60300
Max Video Track Publications per Room60300
Max Data Track Publications per Room60MAX_ROOM
Max Audio Track Subscriptions per Participant6030
Max Video Track Subscriptions per Participant6030
Max Data Track Subscriptions per Participant60MAX_ROOM
Max Audio Track Publications per Participant22
Max Video Track Publications per Participant62

* Default quota is 1000, contact support to increase it upto 10000.

Note: These are upper bound numbers and it might not be possible to reach the maximum of multiple of these metrics at the same time. For example, in a scenario where participants in Room (Meeting) = 10000; we will not be able to do 300 publications per Room with 30 subscriptions per Participant.

Reach out to us at support [at] to understand how we can accommodate your limits.